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You may be an individual or a company that wants good product or food photography photos because you run a business and good photographs will enhance your marketing efforts. If this is your first time looking for such services, you may hardly know the right person for the job, how the process works and how much it would cost. Let’s get you started:

The right person for the Job

If you have never worked with a photographer before, getting one who is good in food or product photography may seem like a tall order but don’t fret. You can begin by asking through your network of friends or family. You can also search on Instagram, Google and Pinterest to get a general outlook of photographers in this category, make sure to include location and also search Google via images.

Once you get a couple of photographers that you like, you can request them to send you their product and food photography portfolio if need be. You can then evaluate who you want to engage with after reviewing the portfolios though sometimes their website or Instagram work may be all you need to see.

When you start engaging with the photographer, they will try to understand what you need by asking questions about the shoot and the general result you want. They can then advise on the best way to go about it.

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How it works

In most cases, the photographer, will request a deposit before the work begins and the rest of the cash after the work is delivered. The photographer will also share a contract with you before beginning the work. It’s also important for you and the photographer to have the same idea of what is to be delivered so it’s best to discuss the outcome of the work before work begins, that is, the brief.

It is good for you to think through the kind of shots you would like from your photographer. Check out Pinterest or Instagram to have a general idea of what you need.

Pricing considerations

Most photographers have a ballpark figure they work with but they will generally give you a final figure once they understand the full scope of the shoot. When costing a photography project, the factors considered include (They are however not limited to these):

1. The number of photos required.
The more the photos, the more the man hours required on the shoot and while editing.

2. The medium where the photos will be used
Shots that will only be used on packaging are totally different from photos that will be used on a website or billboard. Shots for packaging may only need to be shot on a plain white background while shots for a website may need different backgrounds and different styling.

3. The complexity of the product
Some products require more skill to get the desired imagery like shiny metallic objects, ice cream, products packed with cellophane etc.

4. Shooting on location or studio
Shooting in studio may be cheaper for the photographer since they don’t have to incur any transport charges moving out of studio.

Blank price tag on a black backgroundShoot day

Once the deposit is paid, a plan for the shoot day is created. Once the photographer knows all the shots that are required, they can create a shot list and plan for all they need to have on hand to make the day a success. All the props, backgrounds and equipment that will be in use.


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Editing and submitting photos

Depending on the photographer’s schedule the photographer will share with you a timeline that you can both agree on so they can deliver the photos. The photographer will generally need time to edit the photos well, the more the photos, the more time it will take.

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Portfolio worthy shots

The photographer may want to share the work done for you on their social media platforms or portfolio. It is best to discuss and agree beforehand when and if they can share the photos. Good thing is, if they want to share the photos, they are most likely proud of the work they’ve done.

I hope this has been informative, if you have any more questions, share them down below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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