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In part 2 of this blog series, we continue covering inspiring food and product photographers who continually push the quality of their work and inspire others to do even better. You will also want to check out part one of this series. Let’s get right into it:

Alex Koloskov

Alex Koloskov

Ring by Alex Koloskov

In addition to Alex being a really good product photographer, he’s also a tutor at Photigy photography school that trains on product, food photography, motion & CGI. He is also behind the photigy group on Facebook and Instaphotigy on IG where lots of talented photographers share their work. Check out some of his free tutorials and see whether you may want to purchase his courses.

Amal Assaf

Amal has a wonderful collection of work. Her style is clean and minimalistic and we also love how she photographs watches and jewelry. The best part is that she also shares BTS images from most of her shoots so you get to learn quite a lot from her techniques. She seems to concentrate on a few product lines at a time, perfecting them and moving to the next.

Check out her work plus her BTS images.

watch photography by Amal Assaf

Pic by Amal Assaf

Akwesi Baah

We recently discovered Akwesi and we totally love his work! Akwesi is a Ghanaian commercial photographer who specializes in food, beverage and product photography. His motion work is also on point! It’s great to see other African photographers do such fantastic work. We definitely can’t wait to see more of his work!

Food photography by Akwesi Baah

Pic by Akwesi Bah

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor is renown for his many tutorials on portraiture and fashion. He’s been teaching photography for many years now and he also has some very good courses on food and product photography. Besides teaching, he’s also an excellent product photographer with a keen eye for detail. You will definitely want to see his work.

Product photography by Karl Taylor

Pic by Karl Taylor

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Arezoo Seifi

What can we say, Arezoo is just so inspirational! She is a commercial food, beverage and product photographer from Iran. We love her style, energy and her ideas. We’ve been following her work for a while now and we can only advise you to check out her work and follow her as well.
Arezoo Seifi photography

Jacquie Mwai

J. Mwai as she is commonly known is a Kenyan food photographer. We actually think she is one of the pioneer food photographers in Kenya! Her style is clean and professional. She has definitely inspired other Kenyan food photographers us included! Here’s her insta with her work.

Food photography by J Mwai

Pic by J. Mwai

Sally Aboulezz

Sally is a food photographer from Egypt. We totally love the work done by food photographers in Egypt who are so good at their craft! Her photos are vibrant and full of color, you should look up her work to get inspired!

Sally Aboulezz

Pic by Sally Aboulezz

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