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Being food and product photographers, we follow quite a number of photographers in the same space. We are also part of communities that pursue the same genre of photography on social media and other platforms. Being part of a community of people with the same interests not only inspires our work but it also helps us think of ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of.

There are some really creative and talented folk out there and seeing their body of work, inspires us to always give our best. We’ll split the list into 3 parts because it’s so loooong! This list is hardly exhaustive, we’re pretty sure when this goes up, we’ll be like… we forgot so and so! Sad days but, let’s get it rolling:

Michael Roulier

When you see Michael’s work it just blows you away! Once you start checking out his projects, you simply can’t resist going to the next one and the next one…..6 hours later, you’ll find out it’s midnight . This is who we want to be when we grow up, doing such exceptional motion & advertorial work. Check out his online portfolio.

Michael Roulier

Image by: Michael Roulier

Robb Grimm

Robb is a Food and beverage photographer. His beverage photography is out of this world so make sure to check out his work. He’s also a tutor at RGGEDU where he has courses on beverage photography, beer photography and Food photography. We have personally benefitted from his tutorials that explain in-depth the whole process of shooting beverages from preparing the bottle to final edit.

Rob Grimm Image

Images by Rob Grimm

Steve Giralt

He calls himself a visual engineer. He shoots products and food but he’s better known for shooting some very high quality ads. He’s behind the Hersheys ad that went viral. He’s so innovative, he usually engineers solutions to aid his shooting, and he even built a robotic arm!
This is someone you will want to study because we believe he encompasses the present & future of product photography and motion. Look up his site
Steve Giralt Image
Image by Steve Giralt

Emmanuel Thuo

Thuo is a really talented Kenyan photographer and his work is top notch. He is well known for his unique portraiture work, wedding photography but he also does product photography. His creative ideas are totally radical and we love his use of color.
His post production work is fabulous and his style is unique. Be sure to check out his work.

Emmanuel Thuo

Image by Emmanuel Thuo

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Digital Art that Rocks

Brian Rodgers Jr. is a fantastic commercial photographer with some really cool ideas and his execution is always on point! He makes some of the blandest and boring products look exceedingly fantastic. Like dentures and pipes, how do you make these look good?

We also think he’s really good at post production, just like his web name suggests. Check him out and get inspired as well. Psst he also has a couple of tutorials
Brian Rodgers
Image by Brian Rodgers

Alloys Iteba

Chromez Alloys is his alias on social media. He’s a photographer who is not only good at product photography but he’s also brilliant at creative portraiture and storytelling. He is constantly experimenting and improving his work and that’s a major thing we love about him. His work is bold and it definitely pushes the boundaries. See his work.

Image by Chromez Alloys


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