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Our 2nd birthday

If you follow our social media pages, then you will know we just turned 2 in late January and we have been running a campaign dubbed Two Good Is True. Though we have been photographing for much longer, the last 2 years have been so transformative. Self-discovery, growth, failure, mistakes, highs and lows have all been there.

We met some of our best clients in our first year of business like FRM EA. They are bomb clients, we were also priviledged to work with some top brands like KWAL, shooting their Hunter’s Gold and Domino’s Pizza. We also worked with a number of SMEs like Tam Tam Diani & Kui’s homemade hot sauce from the Crowing Cock Organic Farm.

2020 was our second year officially, it was tough because there were some months without work and it was devastating! Despite everything, we held our heads high and braced for impact. We have learnt every business requires grit to make it way beyond it’s first year.

Read more about our photography journey here: 5 years in the making, our photography journey.


Dreams bigger than a mountain

How far will we go? Only God knows but we won’t fail to dream and hound those dreams down. Despite our dreams being so big and frankly, scary, we will persist because that’s where any achievement starts. We hope to get to know you & our market so well that when you think of product photography and video, you think of us.

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Giving Back

Nobody was obligated to trust us with their photography, especially when we were so fresh faced. However, time after time, clients came forward and trusted us with their work. We are truly grateful for that. In the same way, we decided instead of just announcing we turned 2, we could benefit the SME community by doing a give away product shoot. Please note it is note a free shoot as everything has a cost but we have covered the cost of the shoot.

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At the end of the month, we will pick one nominated SME and shoot 5 images for them. These are images they will be able to use in their marketing and hopefully get more eye balls on their products. Through this process as well we hope to develop deeper relationships and understand what the SME community needs especially in terms of photography & content creation.

If you want to nominate your business or a business you know, simply:

  1. Go to either our Facebook & Instagram pages
  2. Check any of our latest post
  3. Tag your nominee
  4. Ask them to like the page where you have tagged them
  5. Tell us why you have nominated them
  6. Make sure to read all the terms & conditions here:
  7. On the 26th of February, we shall announce the winning business so be on the lookout for that. Follow our pages to be in the loop.


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