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If you live in Nairobi, chances are you have seen a Tusker ad or signage somewhere. Next time you see a Tusker ad, look at it a bit closely. Notice anything? Maybe the entire bottle is not represented in the ad, maybe it is. One thing is for sure, a Tusker ad can feature a bottle that is not entirely being seen and still convey the intended message.

In product photography, 95% of the time, we have to show the entirety of the product in its most accurate form. We then share the images with our clients who decide, how to display the product, maybe on a billboard, on social media or even their website. In almost all the cases explained above, clients want the full image of their product featured. So that their customers can in turn recognize their product and move to consideration.

We observed on different occassions, Tusker ads/signage without the full product, featuring. We naturally began asking ourselves, why can they break the rules?

The neck of a Tusker Lite bottle pouring into a Tusker lite branded glass.

Forgive the angle, I didn’t want my phone to get new owners.

So why can Tusker get away with it?

1. Brand Heritage

Tusker as a brand entered the Kenyan market in 1922. That’s 101 years of brand recognition, bearing in mind, the marketing investment that KBL through Tusker has made. That’s a long time with several generations observing, hearing & knowing the brand.

2. Iconic brand elements

They have such iconic brand elements like the Tusker (elephant), the curved Tusker name that features across all their different Tusker products: Lager, malt, lite & cider. These brand elements are featured on the bottle cap, the label on the neck of the bottle and on the main label. These elements help in brand recognition and so even if you just see the cap, you will know its Tusker.

That is why Tusker can get away with showing a billboard with only the neck of the bottle, I may push it to say even the cap only.

3. Differentiation

They have been in the market long enough, they have paid the price. They can choose to break the rules and stand out.

Would you still like to check out more examples?

Tusker Malt signage - Havienda

So, you have your own product & brand what can you do?

1. Consistently build your brand

Start with a goal and strategy, plan how that will manifest even in your photography. Have a clear plan, remember, the vision is yours and you will need to explain it to your photographer so they can bring it to life.

2. Product packaging

What is unique about your product and packaging? How can that be brought out in your marketing material? Make sure to emphasize that to your photographer so that it can be captured even before getting to design your Marketing assets.

3. Lead don’t follow

A lot of the brands that stand out, are leaders in their category. While it’s good to see what other brands in your industry are doing, forge your own path. It’s easier to do that if you have a strategy in place. Take a bit more risk and experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t.
(Also, that was our motto in primary school, lol! We lead & others follow)

4. Tell your story consistently

Your story is unique to you, don’t sleep on it! Tell it to your photographer, it may just be the fuel they need to bring out your story in a unique way. The Tusker story is represented by the icon of the elephant, what can represent yours?

Hacienda signage

All the best, as you continue to bring your brand to life. If you want to talk further how you can bring your brand to life using product photography, email:

Many moons ago, we also shot Tusker Cider, check out the images from the shoot Here.

Have a product photography or project in mind? Get in touch Here.


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