Shot by Alama just turned two and we want to celebrate with other small businesses just like us! We will select one business that sells products and shoot 5 images for their marketing needs! Nominate a business, it could be yours, your friend’s or even your relative’s. Just make sure the
terms below align:

SBA @ Two Terms and conditions

  • The nominated business has to be an SME selling a product, not a service.
  • Business owners can nominate their own businesses or people outside the business can nominate a business they like/know.
  • The products to be shot have to be delivered to the studio and collected once the shoot is over by the business owner or their agents.
  • The nominated business has to follow our page for a chance to be selected.
  • The person who nominates the business has to share why they think that particular business should be selected and have images of their products shot.
  • The photographers will determine the shot list, after seeing the products, that is, the ratio of pack shots and styled images.
  • 5 edited images will be provided to the client after editing of the images. The timeline will be communicated to the selected client.
  • The images from the shoot will also be used by Shot By Alama for marketing purposes.  This includes our websites, social media handles and print.
  • Timelines will be agreed with the client.

Contest duration

  • The “contest” will run between 2nd February 2021 and 23th February 2021 after which a winner will be shared by 26th February 2021.


  • The business selected will be judged on: whether they are an SME, the reason shared as to why they should be selected

SME – Small & medium sized enterprises, this doesn’t include corporations and multi nationals.
Contest – The activity during which we will run the promotion, i.e. the nomination of businesses by different individuals till we share the winner.
Nominate – Propose a business that deserves to get selected (in our respective platforms’ comments).