Kenyan Originals

Photography, Set Design, Post production

Concept: KO needed E-commerce images of their products for their web shop as well as for their different marketing needs. They wanted their range of beverages captured which are in bottles and cans. The KO team also wanted us to capture the merchandise they produce in collaboration with local artists.

Client: Kenyan Originals/Savannah brands | Production & compositing: Shot By Alama | Editing: Anna Lohvynova

Kenyan Originals tonics and ciders
Kenyan Originals Tonics
Kenyan Originals tonics & iced teas
Kenyan Originals - African print jacket
Kenyan originals -Komono
Kenyan Originals - Model with African print bag
Kenyan Originals - Model with Fanny pack
Kenyan Originals - model with tshirt