Sweet Art Gourmet Chocolates

Photography, Set Design, Post production

Client: Sweet Art Creations
Agency: TAG Kenya
Production: Shot By Alama

Concept: Sweet Art Creations is a Kenyan company producing gourmet chocolates for the Kenyan market. They needed to showcase their range of chocolates -that are at least 23 different flavours. Key to this, their packaging had also changed.

Styling: The packaging is bright and vibrant, we chose bright backgrounds to complement the packaging. The chocolate flavours/Ingredients were also showcased for each.

Sweet-Art-Chocolates-White-mint chocolate
Sweet-Art-Creations-Salted-Caramel chocolate
Sweet-Art-Creations-Orange-crunch chocolate
Sweet-Art-Creations-Nile Classic Dark Chocolate-Classic-Dark chocolate
Sweet-Art-Creations-bonbon chocolatesbon
Sweet-Art-Creations-bon chocolatebon chocolates
Sweet-Art-Creations-Assorted chocolates