FAQs for Business Relief Photography Packages

Partnering with business to thrive through and beyond a crisis. Answering questions about our 3 month promotion that support businesses to market digitally through the corona virus pandemic.

Tell me more about the business relief photography packages available.

In light of the corona pandemic, we have created additional photography packages to accomodate businesses during this time and discounted them further by 20% to make sure business have the right assets to push their businesses online

Will these packages always be available?

Not really, we know business are being hit hard right now by the corona virus pandemic & we created these solution so businesses can generate assets and connect with their clients in the digital space before things get back to normal.

So how long will this last?

We will be offering this for the next 3 months.

What do you mean by social media ready images?

It means we will also resize your images for you so in addition to the bigger sizes, we also give you formats that you can instantly share on your social media pages i.e 1080*1080px and stories formats at 1080*1920

What will you be shooting during this offer period?

We are specialists in product and food photography so we will continue shooting in line with this. You can contact us via email on: wahito@shotbyalama.co.ke/hello@shotbyalama.co.ke or call on 0726808182

Will you be doing portraits during this time?

We also specialize in corporate portraits but due to social distancing rules enforced by the government, we shall not be shooting portraits, till the situation stabilizes.

How does your process work, will you take the products and I pay after you have shot?

After we have agreed on the package, we will agree on where to collect & drop off the product. The client will then have to make a deposit of half the amount agreed. We will then shoot, edit the photos and share a smaller version of the images. After the balance is cleared, we shall share the full resolution images of the products then later plan for drop off the products.

Where is your studio located?

Our studio is located in Nabro towers in Ngara, however, we are currently working remotely.

What if I need you for a half day or full day shoot?

We can discuss what you would need for your shoot then send you a quote on the same. You can reach us on email: wahito@shotbyalama.co.ke/hello@shotbyalama.co.ke or call on 0726808182